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Patrice Jenkins PhD


Dr. Jenkins is an organizational psychologist and an expert on the social/psychological side of retirement. She applies her research on thriving at work, retirement research, and happiness studies to help individuals and organizations design rewarding retirement lifestyles.

Patrice started studying retirement to help people get to the other side--living life on their own terms and going after what they want most in life. Before she could help others get to this place, she realized she needed to understand what holds people back. She needed to learn why people stay in jobs long after they have the option to retire.

Her research led to one main question: 

"What Will I Do All Day?"

COMMENTS from Workshop Participants:

"When we arrived this morning, my husband felt very ambivalent about his decision [to retire] but was completely enthusiastic by the following day thanks to Patrice's advice."

[Patrice] "Gave clarity to the psychology of retirement. I'm posting the 5 stages where I will see them so I remind myself that this is a process that has to play out."

"I thought this [segment] would be least informative—very, very wrong! Gave me lots to think about and consider."

Patrice Jenkins