Through my writing and speaking, my goal is to provide inspiration, insight, and encouragement that will help you thrive in this next stage of life. With an inspired vision, you'll find the courage to let go of where you have been, and with a sense of purpose and direction, move toward the future you are creating. I invite you to join me on this journey. 

Hi! I'm Patrice Jenkins.


Creating An Inspired Vision for Your Next Chapter in Life    

​I am an organizational psychologist with over 10 years experience writing and speaking on the social and psychological preparation for retirement. I’ve written a book and developed an online course that has helped thousands of people prepare for and navigate the changes in retirement.

I didn't start out with the goal of being a retirement expert. Mostly I cared about people who stay in jobs long after they have the option to retire. Some people liked their jobs, but wondered if they were missing out on something more. Some people didn't like their work, but they didn't know what else to do. Both groups needed an answer to "What's next?" To move forward they needed an inspired vision for this next chapter in life. 

An inspired vision begins with writing yourself a great story. And then, one step at a time, this story comes to life. Not because you suddenly figure out how to do it or because you inherit a lot of money so you can buy it. Most of the time it's because you take the first step to put something into motion, even when you don't know where you are going. ​​